A Complete Guide to Radio Control Gliders


This book sets out to explore and explain the great scope of radio control soaring from the flying of unpowered scale models of the latest jet fighters through to high-performance competitive thermal soaring and aerobatic sailplanes constructed from the same high-tech materials as used in the full-size glider world today.

ISBN: 978 185486 144 3
Author: George Stringwell


The flying of radio controlled gliders and sailplanes has become a major branch of the aeromodelling hobby over the last thirty years. Today, while the traditional slope soaring and tow-launched radio control gliders are as popular as ever, a huge variety of powerless flying models can be seen on the club flying site and a bewildering range of plans, kits and accessories is available.

This is the book which explains it all; more than a technical reference book, the author explains in a readable and accessible style just how the hobby has developed: the great scope of radio control soaring; design, traditional construction and flying basics; constructing with the same hi-tech materials as full size gliders; acrobatic sailplanes; sport and contest flying; flying of unpowered scale models of the latest jet fighters; detecting and utilising slope and thermal lift; high performance competitive thermal soaring.

Contents: Radio Controlled Soaring – A General Background; Weather and the Pilot; Slope Lift; Thermal Lift; Getting Started; Considerations for Flight; Some Examples; Construction Techniques; Control; Covering and Finishing; Learning to Fly; The Basics; Advanced Slope Flying; Advanced Thermal Flying; PSS Models; Scale Sailplanes; Self-Launching Sailplanes; Vintage Gliders; Summary; Rule Outlines for the Major Classes; Sketches Showing the Major Classes; Names and Addresses of Organisations; Balsa Weights.

Originally published by Nexus Special Interests Ltd in 1997

236 x 189 mm
158 pages
67 black and white photographs
65 line drawings