Workshop Machinery

Making a major purchase of a lathe, a milling machine or combination lathe/mill is a daunting prospect for any model engineer. This book provides practical advice on how to make the selection and provides descriptions and technical data about the wide range of machines and accessories available. Continue reading


This practical book describes the wide range of bearings found in different types of models built in home workshops. It reviews the choice of bearings, materials, the type of bearing to use for each particular application and highlights the differences between home made and off-the-shelf bearings. Continue reading


Bryan Acton Bryan Acton was educated at Eltham College and lived in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire. He was introduced to winemaking by Trappist Monks in Palestine in 1943, while he was on armed service and progressed to being a member of the … Continue reading

Workshop Materials

This book describes the many and varied materials used by model engineers in their workshops such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, hard and soft woods, plastics, abrasives, adhesives, bearing materials, ceramic and refractory materials, castings, electroplating solutions, fuels, gases, lubricants, pickles, polishing materials, sealants and solders. Continue reading

Workshop Electrics

This second edition of Workshop Electrics has been completely revised and updated to bring it in line with the latest advances in technology and changes in the regulations. The book deals with electricity in the garage or home workshop and includes everything from fitting a 13 amp plug, fusing, equipment, lighting, fixtures, fittings and wiring for 240 volts mains electricity to wiring up a new workshop building. Continue reading

Take Off

A complete and comprehensive guide to radio controlled model aircraft, written with both the beginner and experienced modeller in mind. A logical book that covers every aspect from how to choose the right model, engine and R/C, how to build a basic trainer model with useful information on materials and construction. Continue reading

R/C Sports Aircraft from Scratch

A comprehensive book which deals in detail with the design and construction of powered sports model aircraft. It covers everything from material to aerofoil selection, monoplanes to offbeat aircraft, wheel to ski size and the decision of what to build to the first flight and is lavishly illustrated with photographs, detailed line drawings, useful tables and informative graphs. Continue reading

Plastics for Modellers

This book provides a comprehensive guide to the use of plastics in the many and varied fields of modelling. Various types and forms of plastics are described and their useful characteristics, strengths and weaknesses are detailed over the more commonly used materials such as wood and metal. Continue reading