Mini-Lathe Tools and Projects

This book follows on from the same author’s introduction to the Mini-Lathe (Workshop Practice Series No. 43) and presents a series of projects which are intended to extend the versatility of this little machine and specific tools such as the radius turning attachment, the tailstock and the dividing head. Continue reading

The Mini-Lathe

This book is a complete course on using and improving the new generation of best-selling budget mini-lathes. It explains everything from setting up and “tuning” the machine for best performance to using accessories and carrying out tasks. Continue reading


Bryan Acton Bryan Acton was educated at Eltham College and lived in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire. He was introduced to winemaking by Trappist Monks in Palestine in 1943, while he was on armed service and progressed to being a member of the … Continue reading