Myford Series 7 Manual

A reissue of Ian Bradley’s classic guide to using Myford 7 series metalworking lathes in the home workshop. First published in 1973, the author has revised the work to include the ML7, Super 7 and ML7-R lathes. This book will be as valuable to those who possess the latest type of lathe as those who have earlier machines. Continue reading


This practical book describes the wide range of bearings found in different types of models built in home workshops. It reviews the choice of bearings, materials, the type of bearing to use for each particular application and highlights the differences between home made and off-the-shelf bearings. Continue reading


Bryan Acton Bryan Acton was educated at Eltham College and lived in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire. He was introduced to winemaking by Trappist Monks in Palestine in 1943, while he was on armed service and progressed to being a member of the … Continue reading

The Amateur’s Workshop

All model engineers are occasionally faced with an operation outside their usual experience. This is a comprehensive reference book providing information on setting up a workshop and the use of various machines and tools. Continue reading