Bryan Acton Bryan Acton was educated at Eltham College and lived in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire. He was introduced to winemaking by Trappist Monks in Palestine in 1943, while he was on armed service and progressed to being a member of the … Continue reading

Winemaking with Concentrates

This is the book for the winemaker who likes the ease and convenience of making wine from concentrates. Invaluable to the flat-dweller who enjoys wine but lacks the facilities to make it from grapes and other fruits. The recipes are formulated from concentrates which are readily available. Continue reading

Making Mead

Mead is an alcoholic drink made by fermenting honey and water with yeast; of all the crafts of mankind, mead-making is certainly one of the oldest. This practical book will inspire you to take up this admirable craft. It includes chapters on honey selection, mead-making techniques, and forty-two recipes. Continue reading