Basic Lathework

This book deals with all aspects of the lathe covering the selection of a machine and its construction, including modern types of machine as well the more traditional models. All aspects of tooling, both traditional and modern are covered in depth, as are all machining operations. Continue reading

Grinding, Honing and Polishing

A complete introduction to the process of the grinding and polishing of metals that gives specific details of the equipment and devices needed and the materials used to make grinding wheels, belts and papers. Continue reading


Bryan Acton Bryan Acton was educated at Eltham College and lived in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire. He was introduced to winemaking by Trappist Monks in Palestine in 1943, while he was on armed service and progressed to being a member of the … Continue reading

Making Clocks

An introduction to the fascinating world of horology for the complete beginner. This book explains the terminology of the clockmaker and provides general details of clock construction including layout of wheels and escarpments, all of which are fully described and illustrated. Continue reading

Useful Workshop Tools

A collection of fifteen invaluable additions to model engineer’s armoury of tools and equipment from the former editor of Model Engineer’s Workshop magazine. This practical collection covers benchwork, the lathe and milling operations. Continue reading

Model Marine Steam

This book provides all the information any ship modeller interested in powering a model boat using live steam will need: both the basic theory covering the steam power plant and fully detailed drawings for the construction of simple and advanced steam engines, boilers and ancillary equipment. Continue reading

Making Small Workshop Tools

Making twenty-two simple but useful adjuncts to the tool kit for bench and lathe use, none taking any more than 3 to 4 hours or involving special materials, yet each able to save considerable time in use as well as aiding accuracy. With working drawings, photographs and sketches etc. Continue reading

The Compact Lathe

The evolution of the compact, or portable, lathe has bought many a model engineer’s life-long ambition to reality. This comprehensive introduction to the subject covers the technology, the machine operations and facilities which will enable the novice or experienced operator to achieve the highest standards of lathe work. Continue reading