About Us

Special Interest Model Books publishes practical manuals for hobbyists in the fields of model engineering, scale modelling, radio-controlled models and home winemaking and brewing.

Books for model engineers include:

  • new and classic guides to metalworking and workshop techniques
  • setting up and using small-scale metalworking lathes (Myford, Unimat, Mini-Lathes)
  • lathe techniques (milling, tools, screwcutting, turning, dividing)
  • metalworking techniques (benchwork, tempering, grinding, welding, soldering, electroplating, foundrywork)
  • workshop electrics and electric motors
  • modern developments in the home workshop (CAD, CNC, electronics,electromechanics and robotics)
  • clockmaking
  • miniature boilers and steam engines

The Workshop Practice Series is the world’s leading range of books for model engineers, metalworking and mechanical crafts. There are currently 49 books in the series.

General modelling books include guides to:

  • glassfibre
  • plastics
  • airbrushing
  • model photography

Aircraft modelling books cover:

  • aerodynamics
  • free flight
  • gliders
  • kites
  • model rockets
  • CO2 power
  • foam modelling
  • scale plans

Radio-control model books cover:

  • building radio controlled aircraft
  • flying radio controlled aircraft
  • almost-ready-to-fly model aircraft
  • radio control gliders
  • radio control helicopters
  • electric flight
  • radio control model boats

Maritime modelling books cover:

  • model historic ships
  • model modern warships
  • model tugs
  • model steam-powered boats
  • ships in bottles

Amateur Radio guides cover:

  • Scanners
  • VHF/UHF wavebands
  • radio monitoring airfields
  • radio monitoring maritime and rescue services
  • analogue two-way radio
  • digital two-way radio

Amateur Winemaker books cover:

  • home winemaking
  • first steps in winemaking
  • seasonal winemaking
  • award-winning wines
  • making champagne
  • growing vines
  • cidermaking
  • making mead
  • first steps in beer making
  • home brewing beers
  • brewing real ales