3D Printers


A fully illustrated introductory guide for hobbyists and professionals to the technology of 3D-printing, the software and hardware required, printing at home and at service providers and the printing process itself.

ISBN: 978 185486 274 7
Author: Oliver Bothmann



3D printing is a new craft technique that seems like science fiction. Objects appear to be created out of nothing – as if by magic.

3D printing will be one of the key technologies for the future, because everybody that is able to use the necessary software will be able to manufacture a lot of things at home. It is set to revolutionise the way everything is made and may change production processes fundamentally forever.

This book shows you the practice of 3D printing at home. It gives the reader an overview of the basics of this technique and the materials and the knowledge you need for a successful start in the use of 3D printing. The hardware and software you need is described, and tips and tricks for the practical application of 3D printing are given.

If you aspire to use 3D-printing for your hobby or for creating other things like spare parts or personalised items, this book is a guide for your first steps into a new future.

Oliver Bothmann is a technical journalist based in Germany, a former editor-in-chief of three modelling magazines and published expert on modelling and machinery.

Contents: What Is 3D printing? 3D printers; The First Print; Data For Printing: Thingiverse, etc; Your own construction; Software For Construction And Preprint; Slicing-software; Driving-software; Printing Practice; What Can I Print? Usage of 3D-Printing; Service Companies; Literature And The Internet

Published by Special Interest Model Books in 2014

244 x 156 mm
128 pages
175 colour photographs