Making Award Winning Wines at Home


An experienced wine maker and judge draws on his life’s work as a research scientist in anaerobic fermentation and the work of commercial vintners to give his views of methods that will improve on standard winemaking techniques.

ISBN: 978 185486 268 6
Author: Bill Smith


Professional Methods For The Amateur Winemaker

Bill Smith’s introduction to winemaking happened when he worked in California, where he visited wineries in the Napa Valley. Back in England, he became a keen amateur winemaker. Adapting his skills as a research scientist in anaerobic fermentation to winemaking, the author soon became a prize-winner at shows, furthering his interest in the hobby by becoming a National Wine Judge. He shared his knowledge by giving wine talks to clubs locally and in neighbouring counties.

He wrote this book for winemakers at all levels; all aspects of home winemaking are discussed from the basic equipment to the Wine Clubs that are the backbone of this widespread hobby. It gives the author’s own views on methods that will improve on standard winemaking techniques and concludes with a selection of over fifty recipes from him and his winemaking friends.

Bill Smith developed his winemaking skills as a member of Booker Wine Circle in High
Wycombe and a smaller group of enthusiasts called Chilterns Masters Wine Circle. As a competitor and a judge, he is involved in wine shows all the way from the local wine clubs, village horticultural shows, Federation and country shows, to the annual show of the National Association of Wine and Beermakers.

Contents: Introduction; Basic Equipment; How Wine Is Made; Winemaking Additives; From Racking to Bottling; Ingredients and How To Use Them; Recipe Design; Versatile Wines; Sparkling Wines; Oak; When Things Go Wrong; The Commercial As A Standard; Wine Clubs and Wine Talks; Wine Shows and Competitions; Selection of Recipes; Index

First published in 2000 by Nexus Special Interests Ltd
Second edition, revised and updated published in 2014 by Amateur Winemaker Books.
Published in North America by Fox Chapel

230 x 150 mm
135 pages
b+w tables and illustrations