Brewing Beers Like Those You Buy


A very popular title that reprints regularly, it contains full instructions for making real draught ale, bottled and keg beers, lagers and stouts from all over one hundred recipes collected from around the world, all at a fraction of the price you would pay in a pub.

ISBN: 978 185486 125 2
Author: Dave Line


Home brewing is now an established hobby backed by a mature industry that provides all the necessary ingredients as used by the commercial brewers. Many of the 107 recipes in this book have been adapted from information given by the breweries themselves about their particular beers, so first-class results are virtually assured.

Beers replicated in this book include: Guinness; Carling Black Label; Worthington White Label; Thomas Hardy Ale; Greene King Pale Ale; Newcastle Brown Ale; Mackeson; Fullers ESB; Brakspears Special Bitter; Fullers London Pride; Eldridge Pope Royal Oak; Greene King Abbot Ale; Marston’s Pedigree; Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery Bitter; Theakstons’ Old Peculiar; Wadsworth’s 6X; Youngs Special Bitter; Stella Artois; Pilsner Urquell; Budweiser.

Contents: The Answer to the Beer Drinker’s Dream; Brewing Beers Like Those You Buy; Beer List; Getting Started; Enjoy Your Brewing; Brewing Your Favourite Beers; Bottled Beers; Real Ales; Keg Beers; Beers of the World; Beers and Brewers Index.

Dave Line was probably the most skilled, innovative and articulate home brewer of his generation. In a decade of brewing he probably devised and published more recipes for beer than anyone else in the world. Through regular articles in Amateur Winemaker magazine and his first book, The Big Book of Brewing, he was acknowledged as one of the leading experts on home brewing in Britain. People who wanted to brew the type of beer they drink in the pub have acclaimed his methods a major breakthrough in beer quality. He made it possible to brew for the first time commercial standard beer at home using simple equipment.

Originally published in 1978 by Amateur Winemaker Publications
Second edition revised by Roy Ekins in 1995 and published by Nexus Special Interests Ltd
Special Interest Model Books edition published in 2002

210 x 148mm; 164 pages
8 pages of black and white photographs
15 line drawings