Electromechanical Building Blocks for The Model Engineer


Electronic and electromechanical control of machinery and equipment in the factory environment has been commonplace for many years and is steadily finding its place in the model engineer’s workshop. This book gives the theoretical and practical details of electronic circuits that can be used to control machinery for the model engineer and ‘inventor’.

ISBN: 978 185486 243 3
Author: Pat Addy


There has recently been a huge expansion in computer and electronic control which model engineers have found desirable, yet expensive. Here, the author provides the vital information for the model engineer to build his own control units using a modular, or “building block”, approach.

Very clear easy-to-follow circuit diagrams and instructions are at the heart of the book, enabling the model engineer to analyse his requirements and assemble the building blocks using readily available components and commonplace workshop skills.

The book brings modern machinery control technology within reach of the model engineer, the robotics enthusiast and the experimenter.

Contents: Basic Electromagnetic Theory; Stepper Drive Motor; DC Motor Drive; The Servo System; Relays; Solenoids & Related Devices; Other Electromagnetic Devices; Interference Suppression; Heatsinks; Fuses & Circuit Breakers; Inputs; Light Emitting Diodes; Speed Measurement in the Workshop; Power Supplies & Regulators; Power Supplies from Batteries; NVRs & Interlocks; Ancillery Test & Driver Modules; Basic Electronic Building Blocks; Practical & Cost Effective Building; Etching Processes; Using Stripboard for Prototypes; Pin Outs & Specifications; Information Sources.

Published by Special Interest Model Books in July 2006.

236 x 189 mm
188 pages
298 black & white line plans & diagrams
50 black & white photographs