Illustrated Dictionary of Sailing Ships, Boats and Steamers


An extraordinary illustrated encyclopaedia of historic ship types from 1300 BC to AD 1900. The quick-reference layout guides the reader to the author’s own illustration to each ship type, with a text briefly describing the name, type, rough date and purpose of each craft.

ISBN: 978 185486 202 0
Author: Scott Robertson


Old Sailors loved nothing better than vying with one another at sea or in harbour to recognise a ship or boat on the horizon. It was sometimes an important life-saving talent to have in battle. Modern boat enthusiasts, including yachtsmen and fishermen, still like to indulge in this ancient skill.

There have been many thousands of water vessels developed within the last three and a half thousand years, from the simple wooden log or dug-out to the huge sophisticated ships of Brunel and other nineteenth century designers.

This is the realisation of author’s intention to give readers a simple, quick reference book, illustrating 110 of these old ships and boats up to the turn of the twentieth century. They fall into the general categories of Ancient Craft, Sailing Ships, Small Sailing Boats and Craft and Steam Ships. The result is a handy book for those many enthusiasts who love the sea and would like to know more about these old and interesting vessels.

Contents: Ancient Craft; Sailing Ships; Sailing Clippers; Fleutes; Frigates; Elizabethan Galleons; Capital Warships; Pilot Boats; Whaling Boats; Schooners; Sailing Barges; Junks; Luggers; Lifeboats; Sloops; Cutters; Smacks; Trawlers; Steam Ships; Steam Paddle Boats; Channel Steamers; Transatlantic Steamers; Ships’ Boats; Traditional Rigs & Hull Types; Ships’ Ordnance; Glossary of Terms;

Published in 2000 by Nexus Special Interests Ltd.

240 x 160 mm
144 pages
6 black and white photographs
209 line drawings
Jacketed Hardback