Kites – The Practical Handbook for the Modern Kite Flyer


The definitive book on making and flying modern kites. The authoritative text and drawings describe the new era of advanced types, joints, knots and lines, designs to make, the Rokkaku cult, aerobatic kites, kite photography, parachutes and balloons. Illustrated throughout in colour and black and white, Kites is an indispensable guide to the hobby.

ISBN: 978 185486 143 6
Author: Ron Moulton & Pat Lloyd


The age old pastime of kite flying has recently experienced a dramatic increase in popularity owing to the introduction of bold new designs and materials for improved standards of efficiency.

In this completely revised and updated edition of one of the best books ever written on the hobby, Ron Moulton (founder of the British Kite Flying Association) and Pat Lloyd (an internationally respected draughtsman) provide all the latest information on making and flying modern kites. The authoritative text and detailed drawings and even more colour photographs combine to describe the new era of advanced models, the latest materials and the expert skills required. Specialities such as kit fighting with the Rokkaku design, aerial photography, Parabear drops and team aerobatics are supported by 30 fully-dimensioned kite plans that embrace the traditional, the simple and the sophisticated.

Contents: So You Want To Fly A Kite? Making Your Own; Flying Lines, Bridles, Knots and Reels; Painting the Sky; Aerial Photography from Kites; Paradrops, Skydivers and Bearly-Made-It Squads; Rokkaku Fighting Kites – into Battle; The Steerable Invasion; 19 Selected Variations in Kite Design; The Law and Kite Flying; The Fun in Kites; International Kite Flying Organisations; Kite Museums; International Kite Festival Calendar; Kite Periodicals.

Author Pat Moulton was a model-making magazine publisher for almost forty years and a life-long aviation enthusiast. He established the British Kite Flying Association in 1975 and organised three annual kite festivals. Illustrator Pat Lloyd is a skilled draughtsman and model-maker whose talents are evident in the 102 full-page sketches he produced for this book.

One of the best new books to appear on the British kite scene – a must for the kite bookshelf………..” Kite Flyer magazine.

A rare book you can read from first page to last – the fundamental kite book.”  Cervi Volante, Italian AIA

Welcome and fresh approach, clear and simple drawings, excellent………”  Kite Wings, Essex Kite Group.

A gem which no teacher of Craft, Design and Technology can afford to pass by……..” Conference & Common Room magazine.

Information not available in any other book…….”   World Kite Museum, Long Beach

First published by Argus Books Ltd in 1992
Revised Second Edition published by Nexus Special Interests Ltd in 1997
Special Interest Model Books edition published 2004

246 x 189 mm; 256 pages
24 pages of colour photographs
132 black & white photographs
102 full-page scale plans and line drawings