Metalwork and Machining Hints and Tips


A workshop information anthology combining useful advice and instruction for beginners, with explanations of tools and techniques often familiar in name but not always found described in detail.

ISBN: 978 085242 947 1
Author: Ian Bradley


Over many years in a workshop, the knowledge and ability to perform a wide number of relatively minor jobs becomes second nature to a skilled engineer, but the amateur, no matter how great his natural talent, rarely has the opportunity to experience the same wide range of tasks.

This book, by the experienced engineer Ian Bradley, contains useful advice and instruction for beginners on workshop practices including arbors and mandrels, belt jointing and splicing, shaft collars, finishing metal surfaces, G-clamps, surface gauges, cutting holes, special nuts, hand turning tools, the wobbler, case-hardening, and machining square material.

This book was suggested to the author by his many readers and correspondents as a supplementary volume to his classic textbook The Amateur’s Workshop.

Contents: Arbors and Mandrels; Belt Jointing and Splicing; Shaft Collars; Finishing Metal Surfaces; G-Clamps; Surface Gauges and Rule Holders; Cutting Holes in Sheet Metal and Plate; Making Special Nuts; Hand Turning Tools; The Wobbler; Case-Hardening; Machining Square Material; Cross-Drilling Jig; Fly Cutting; Screw Jacks.

Ian Bradley, who died in 1995, had a lifetime’s experience in precision engineering and contributed articles to Model Engineer magazine for over 50 years.

Originally published in 1988 by Argus Books Ltd
Special Interest Model Books edition published 2006

210 x 148 mm
96 pages
30 black & white photographs
101 plans & scale drawings
1 table of data