Ornamental Turning


This is the definitive guide to the art, aimed at not only the experienced turner but also at the novice. Tom Walshaw provides comprehensive chapters on purpose -built ornamental lathes, essential accessories, using cutting and decorative tools plus detailed information about screw threads and templates.

ISBN: 978 185486 108 5
Author: T.D. Walshaw


The art of ornamental turning in wood (and, in former days, ivory) has a long and distinguished history and it has recently experienced a renaissance among craftspeople. This is T.D.Walshaw’s definitive guide to the art, aimed not only at the experienced woodturner, but also at the novice.

He provides comprehensive chapters on purpose-built ornamental lathes (both antique and modern), essential accessories, using cutting & decorative tools, plus detailed information about screw threads and templates. There are also clear directions on using a standard engineer’s lathe to create ornamental work.

Fully illustrated with close-up photographs of work in stages and finished projects, plus detailed plans and diagrams, this is the classic instruction book for any woodturner wanting to master the art of ornamental turning. This is an essential reference work for all woodturners and collectors of turned art.

The author Tom Walshaw is better known to hobbyists under the pen name “Tubal Cain” – the writer of many best-selling home workshop and model engineering guides.

Contents: Ornamental Lathes and their Equipment; Cutting Tools and Materials; Principles and Practice of Surface Decoration; Setting Up the Machine; Manipulation of the Equipment; A Few Examples; Ornamental Turning on Engineers’ Lathes; The Geometric Chuck; Conclusion; Holtzapffel Screw Threads; Neatsfoot oil; Construction of Curvelinear; Templates; Index; Index of Illustrations.

First published in hardback by Argus Books in 1990
Paperback edition published by Argus Books in 1994
Special Interest Model Books edition published in 2008

234 x 156 mm
208 pages
182 b+w photographs, diagrams and plans