R/C Sports Aircraft from Scratch


A comprehensive book which deals in detail with the design and construction of powered sports model aircraft. It covers everything from material to aerofoil selection, monoplanes to offbeat aircraft, wheel to ski size and the decision of what to build to the first flight and is lavishly illustrated with photographs, detailed line drawings, useful tables and informative graphs.

ISBN: 978 185486 140 5
Author: Alex Weiss


A comprehensive guide dealing in detail with every imaginable aspect associated with the design, modification and construction of radio-controlled sports model aircraft powered by internal combustion or electric motors. The text helps the modeller who has built one or two kit model aircraft to progress from simple modifications to the creation of unique designs.

The author deals with basic materials, essential aerodynamic considerations, the various constructional methods, the wide range of model configurations and size as well as a broad choice of power plants. The book finishes with tips on drawing plans, getting them published and safely completing the early test flights.

Alex Weiss has been aeromodelling for half a century and has built more than fifty radio-controlled models of which 28 were original designs and 14 were published in RCM&E or Radio Modeller magazines. As well as monoplanes and a biplane, the list includes an autogyro, canards and deltas. He has also written magazine articles on subjects as diverse as four stroke engines and flutter. The author first went solo in a Chipmunk with his University Air Squadron at Tangmere and his early adult life was spent as an RAF pilot, flying Jet Provosts, Vampires and Hunters, including three years as a qualified flying instructor. Much of his professional experience has been dedicated to the complex subject of teaching people to fly radio controlled models.

Contents: Avoiding Maths; Getting Going; Choosing a Configuration; Suitable Size; Providing Power; Defeating Drag; Lots of Lovely Lift; Control Characteristics; Making the Most of Materials; Airframe Alternatives; Control Configurations; Final Finishing Off; Drawing the Design; First Flight; Glossary.

Published by Nexus Special Interests Ltd in 1996

246 x 189 mm
192 pages
107 black and white photographs
219 scale plans and line drawings
12 cartoons
36 tables of data