Real Ales for the Home Brewer


With easy-to-follow recipes, this book will help you to brew such real ale classics as Flowers, Wadworths and many others. Suitable for both beginners and seasoned mashers, superb resulting ales are almost guaranteed.

ISBN: 978 185486 269 3
Author: Marc Ollosson



In this book you will find many homebrew recipes which will allow you, the craft brewer, to make superb real ales at a fraction of the price of those that are commercially available. With easy-to-follow instructions, both beginners and seasoned mashers can quickly start brewing classics such as Flowers Original Bitter, Belhaven Sixty Shilling Ale, Whitbread Best Bitter, Castle Eden Ale, Wadworth 6X and Marston Moor Porter.

All the recipes are based on information supplied by the breweries which, combined with your own skill and quality ingredients from specialist homebrew suppliers, will virtually guarantee superb resulting ales.

About the author:

During the 1990s, Marc Ollosson ran a successful home brew business in Bridgend. The shop was not just a place to buy from but also a place for customers to speak to fellow brewers and wine makers with coffee freely thrown in. Not content with just selling kits and ingredients Marc constantly brewed both wine and beer on the premises so that customers could see how the processes worked and to taste the final results. The homebrew shop in Bridgend has now closed and Marc eventually moved from Wales to Norfolk, where he now enjoys the Norfolk Broads and works for a large public sector employer.

Contents: Introduction; About This Book; Equipment; Malt Extracts; Sugars & Syrups; Malt Grains; Unmalted Grains; Irish Moss; Hop Varieties; Hop Weights and Substitutions; Yeats; Malt Extract Instructions; All Grain Instructions; Recipe Formulations; Branded Recipes; Other Recipes – Bitters and Pale Ales, Mild and Dark Ales, Porters and Stouts; Useful Addresses.

Breweries: Scotland – Belhaven Brewery, Borve Brew House, Harviestoun Brewery, Maclay & Co, Orkney Brewery, Tomintoul Brewery; North of England – Castle Eden Brewery, Malton Brewery, Marston Moor Brewery, J W Lees & Co; English Midlands – Burton Bridge Brewery, Mansfield Brewery, Oakham Ales, Parish Brewery, Springhead Brewery, Townes Brewery; South East England – Crouch Vale Brewery, McMullen & Sons; South West England – Poole Brewery, Ushers of Trowbridge; Wadworth & Co, Flowers, Mildmay Brewery.

Originally published in 1997 by Nexus Special Interests Ltd
Second Edition, revised and updated, published in 2014 by Amateur Winemaker Books

230 x 150 mm
166 pages