Secrets of Ships in Bottles


This book explains in clearly illustrated easy to follow steps the intriguing techniques of placing a model ship inside a bottle. First published in 1960 and considered a maritime modelling classic, it has now been completely updated with new chapters, including one covering the making of a model of the famous Kon-Tiki raft sailed by Thor Heyerdahl.

ISBN: 978 185486 193 1
Author: Peter Thorne


Putting a ship into a bottle is probably one of the most fascinating models it is possible to make and has intrigued people down the centuries. Secrets of Ships in Bottles, a maritime modelling classic originally published in 1960, explains in easy-to-follow instructions the methods and procedures involved. This completely updated edition includes new chapters including one on making a model of the famous Kon Tiki raft sailed by Thor Heyerdahl. It is fully illustrated with photographs and line drawings by the author, artist and illustrator Peter Thorne.

The book suggests variations to the ship models actually shown in the book, such as five-masted schooner or a single-masted cutter; these would be based on the reader’s own appreciation of maritime history. Also included in this edition is a detailed description and illustrations showing you how to carve and French polish a “dolphin-like” fish – an ideal gift for an admiring beholder, perhaps?

Peter Thorne has worked with various mediums but has found wood to be one of the most satisfying and rewarding. Not only will you get pleasure from making your own ship-in-a-bottle model or wood carving, but also a great deal of achievement. If you really get hooked, you will want to make both!

Contents: The Bottle; Uses of a Drawing; Preparing the Hull; Deck Fittings; Making the Masts; Deckhouses and Lifeboats; Rigging; Laying out the Sails; Finishing the Model; Ship in a Globe; Making the Kon Tiki Raft; Putting the Raft into a Bottle; Carving a Fish; Making the Base.

Originally published in 1960 by Model and Allied Publications
Second revised edition published in 1999 by Nexus Special Interests Ltd

210 x 148 mm
140 pages
6 colour photographs
38 black and white photographs
313 line drawings and scale plans