The Glassfibre Handbook


A prime reference book on glassfibre materials and techniques. Includes information on methods and materials, and covers models, boats, cars and all types of GRP work.

ISBN: 978 085242 820 7
Author: R.H. Warring



This instruction manual answers all your questions, both theoretical and practical, about crafting with glassfibre, or GRP (glass reinforced plastic). It is really a pocket reference for anybody who works with any type of GRP including Kevlar and carbon fibre.

It starts with a brief history lesson and then leaps into the different materials, their pros & cons, how to work with them in many ways, how to mould, laminate, repair – anything from scale models to full sized cars, yachts, furniture, water tanks, fish ponds and more.

The text is simple but thorough and is both pragmatic and theoretical. If you want technical specifications you will find those too.

Contents: How To Use This Handbook; How GRP Was Born; Fabrication Techniques; Glass Fibre Materials; Resins; Accelerators, Catalysts and Curing; Other Materials; Quantities Requires; Tools & Equipment; Design in GRP; Making Moulds; Hand Lay-Up; Moulded Shapes; Casting, Potting and Encapsulation; GRP at Home; Transparent and Translucent Panels; Tanks in GRP; Garden Pools and Fishponds; GRP in Model Making; GRP Hulls; Sandwich Construction; Sheathing Hulls; GRP Car Bodies; Car Body Repairs; Repairs to GRP; Faults, Causes and Remedies.

Appendices: How thick? How Strong? How Heavy? Resistance to Chemicals; Ageing Effects; Thermal Properties of GRP Laminates; Osmosis; Resin Technology; Deflections and Stresses in Sandwich Beams.

Originally published in 1971 as The New Glass Fibre Book by Model and Allied Publications
This revised and updated version published in 1983 by Argus Books Ltd
Special Interest Model Books edition published 2004

210 x 148 mm
160 pages
24 black & white photographs
150 scale diagrams, graphs & line drawings
18 tables of data