The Wine & Beer Maker’s Year


A round-the-year guide to wine and beer making at home, covering dry and sweet wines, beers, lagers, liqueurs and fortified wines. The author explains basic winemaking and brewing principles and then presents seventy-five easy-to-follow original recipes.

ISBN: 978 185486 273 0
Author: Roy Ekins



This book is a round-the-year guide to wine and beer making, covering dry and sweet wines, beers, lagers, liqueurs and fortified wines. In the introduction, the author explains the basic principles of the craft and advises on health and safety and the choice, use and care of equipment. The main body of the text, fully illustrated with delicate line drawings, is a season-by-season guide to ingredients and recipes for making wines and beers to suit all tastes.

Contents: Winemaking Basic Principles; Ingredients; Winemaking Process; Serving Your Wines; Beer and Brewing; Equipment; The Brewing Process; Spring Recipes; Summer Recipes; Autumn Recipes; Winter Recipes; Acidity Measurement; Gravity Readings; Blending Your Own Liqueurs; Wired Sparkling Wine Stoppers; Poisonous and Unsuitable Plants for Winemaking.

Spring: Silver Birch; Dried Peach and Apricot; Prune; Coltsfoot; Dandelion; Rhubarb; Gorse; Broom; Brown Ale; Honey; Buttercups; Honeysuckle; Mayflower; Dried Elderberry; Rose Hip Syrup; Dried Elderflowers; Lager.

Summer: Roses; Grapevine; Redcurrants; Gooseberries; Herbs; Parsley; Rumtoft; Strawberries; Blackcurrants; Raspberries; Flower Wines; Salad Burnett; Apricots; Cherries; Peaches; Plums; Dewberries; Beetroot; Huckleberries; Bilberries; Bitter Beer.

Autumn: Apples; Blackberries; Elderberries; Damsons; Sloes; Marrow; Christmas Ale; Medlar; Quince; Pear; Rose Hips; Fruit Juices; Liqueurs; Ginger Beers.

Winter: Dates; Coconuts; Christmas Mull; Rumtoft; Carrots; Raisins; Tangerines, Mandarins and Satsumas; Tea; Mulled Ale; Seville Oranges; Grapefruit; Parsnips; Exotic Fruits; Stout; Sparkling Wines.

Roy Ekins has been a wine and beer maker for thirty-five years and has been a member of the National Guild of Wine and Beer Judges since 1973. He has taught evening classes and lectured about commercial and home-made wines and beers for many years. For eight years he served on the Committee of the National Association and edited the NAWB magazine. He has several books to his credit.

First published in hardback in 1985 by Blandford Press
First paperback edition published in 1999 by Nexus Special Interests Ltd
Special Interest Model Books edition published in 2013

230 x 150 mm; 144 pages
80 line drawings
4 tables of data